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Trying to stay happy, relaxed and stress-free post holiday season? 

WINK CBD disposable vape pens or disposable vape cartridges just might be your ticket. As you may already know, CBD is the active ingredient in the hemp plant, which is known to be an effective pain reliever. In fact, the best way to include CBD in your wellness routine and get the fastest effects is through vaping it. Keep reading……


WINK CBD disposable vape pens and cartridges (hardware manufactured by CCell)  contain all natural hemp oil and natural terpenes only. Vaping hemp oil has been shown to have less negative effects than products that contain nicotine as most of the health dangers have already been eliminated. Most users are happy to share that they have no harmful side effects vaping hemp oil. And since there are not any health risks associated with vaping hemp oil, why not try WINK? 

WINK’s vape pens and cartridges are free of PG, VG, Vitamin E, nicotine, and THC. In other words, WINK vape products are completely safe to use as confirmed with our third-party lab results.You can also read the many testimonials found on our home page on how WINK products are helping women across the United States.

We know the world has become a much more educated and tolerant place to be. This has created a demand for alternative medicine, including natural health and alternative medicine products. WINK CBD products come in, especially our CBD disposable vape pen and CBD disposable cartridges as one of the most wanted and trusted CBD products in the marketplace today. And to top it off, WINK was created for women by women, in 2015, so we were first to market catering to women’s wellness needs!

Ultimately, choosing the best CBD vape pen can be an easy task if you have all the required information. It’s of prime importance to follow the guidelines in finding the quality product to avoid any unwanted consequences. Moreover, it is recommended that you consult with your doctor before trying out any CBD product.

Discussing this with the person who is aware of your medical history and health condition can only bring benefits to you and will help you in deciding CBD products are the right choice for you.  

So if you’re looking for ways to reduce or eliminate your dependence on pharmaceuticals, try WINK. It’s all natural and so very effective! 

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We promise it will be LOVE AT FIRST WINK!