Do you know how to use your CBD toolkit? A little goes a long way.

When it comes to a CBD toolkit, one of the most common assets is a salve. Often stored in little tubs and found in bathroom cabinets, gym bags, car cup holders and office desks, this little concoction of CBD and carrier oils is used by men and women across all ages and ranges of life. Whether you refer to it as a salve, balm, rub or cream, its benefits are as varied as our terminology for it. 

CBD body salves are comprised of CBD oil and other plant and essential oils that work together to facilitate healing. Ingredients are chosen and measured specifically to promote inflammation, pain-relief, irritation and more, dependent upon the product’s intention. The W!NK Relieve CBD Body Balm is no different, and we believe it has the perfect formula for head-to-toe application. 

We believe in the power of our balm so much, that we wanted to share some insights on ways we use it. So, welcome to our full-body guide to the W!NK Relieve CBD Body Balm. 


One day, it’s all, ‘yeah, I’d love to meet you for a run and then acro-yoga,’ and then the next day, you’re 35 and there are repercussions. From HIIT workouts to Pilates, new shoes or carrying children, we’ve all got a reason to be sore. But here’s the thing – we don’t have to be SO sore.

Here’s how CBD balm works with your aching muscles. Sore muscles are the result of microscopic damage to the fibers that comprise them, which happens when we work them harder or differently. Topical application of a balm sends CBD directly through the skin to CB2 receptors. Not only does topical application deliver the healing elements directly to the site, the oils are delivered with a higher bioavailability, meaning they absorb directly through the skin and avoid breakdowns typical of ingestion, such as liver metabolization.

Once the cannabinoid travels through the skin, it interacts with CB2 receptors to serve as an analgesic (pain reliever) and anti-inflammatory agent to those tiny torn muscle fibers, allowing them to restore and heal. 


Our W!NK family can tell you all sorts of stories about rashes, weird bug bites, wind burns and more. And we will all most certainly tell you we put CBD body salve on it and felt better.

Yes, some of the immediate relief may be Pavlovian, as we enjoyed the anticipation of relief as much as the delivery of such; but who cares? When it comes to skin irritants, our balm has been designed and developed to provide calming, soothing and healing results for itching, burning, bruising, inflammation and redness and even acne. The way this works is through hemp oil’s tendency to promote balance, cellular communication and ease inflammation. 

Itching, redness and swelling are typical effects of insect/plant/chemical poisons reacting against antibodies that are responsible for fighting those poisons. Applying CBD ointment to areas experiencing irritation helps those skin cells calm down, send signals with more ease and clarity and ultimately heal themselves quicker – meaning less scratching, cool compressing + oatmeal bathing.


Acne gets its own header because acne is a big deal. A big, annoying deal.

Several studies have deduced a relationship between CBD’s anti-inflammatory and sebostatic properties when it comes to acne treatment. When applied topically, CBD inhibits lipid synthesis, meaning it stops oil production. 

Further, because CBD seeks to create homeostasis among cells, it does not treat all cells. This means, in the case of acne, topical application only targets the areas affected by high lipid production, inflammation and even infection. 

Choosing an acne remedy such as CBD balm helps avoid the dry, irritated skin that usually accompanies traditional acne prescriptions derived from Vitamin A, which “treat” the entire organ. 


Like much of the knowledge of CBD benefits, the awareness that hemp oil can help heal burns and reduce pain and inflammation has been around for centuries. The question was, how.

There are ongoing clinical trials to get to the root of how exactly CBD interacts with CB2 receptors to create pain-killing effects, among other benefits. There are two main theories on how CBD changes our realization of pain:

One is that CBD interacts with CB2 receptors to create chemical signals that affect a pain-killing cellular response. The second is that the CBD/CB2 connection suppresses pain by increasing the concentration of anandamide (the “bliss molecule”). So, we’ll see. 

Further, CBD oil is known for its anti-bacterial, antifungal and antiseptic properties, warding off germs and infection. The additional essential oils (lavender, rosemary and eucalyptus) found in our W!NK Body Salve also display those therapeutic properties, meaning the blend works together to promote healing and safety to wounds and burns. 


It’s not just the CBD oil, or one specific oil, that solves the riddles to our myriad of aches, pains and issues. It’s the cohesive collection of ingredients that support relief and repair.

The W!NK CBD Body Salve is made of simple ingredients that include shea butter, mango seed butter, oat kernel oil, cocoa seed butter, carnauba wax, apricot kernel oil, coconut oil, macadamia seed oil, orange oil, lavender oil, CBD oil, rosemary leaf oil, eucalyptus oil, and citric oil. 

To learn more about the benefits of our ingredients, you can delve into our wellness guide

If you have a question about our W!NK CBD Salve or want to share tips of your own? Email us. We'll be happy to help!