CBD Vaping

CBD Vaping for Therapeutic Needs

So you’re new to CBD…


Starting Your CBD Journey with Vape Pens


It’s overwhelming finding the right CBD product for you. There’s lots out there in such a big market, as CBD is always increasing in popularity. 

Here at WINK, we create an outstanding vape pen that is both safe and stylish. And for those that don’t know, vaping CBD is the quickest way to achieve the therapeutic benefits of the plant. 

We’ve designed a variety of vape pens, all either disposable or re-usable with our stainless steel pen kits. 

Our disposable pens come pre-charged. Our re-usable pens, in your choice of pink, white, or silver, come with a portable USB charger to charge-and-go depending on your needs. Each Signature pen kit  also includes an empty cartridge with each order, which can be filled with e-liquids, oils, distillate, extracts, and so much more depending on your preferences.

Pair your Signature pen kit with a renowned, pre-filled vape cartridge on our website. Our cartridges contain two all-natural ingredients: full-spectrum hemp oil (CBD) and terpenes, which provide the flavoring. From Grapephoria to Bubblewish and more, your girls at WINK have you covered with an iconic flavor for everyone.  


Features to Not Forget


Our vape products are affordable and suitable for use anywhere, whether you’re at home or at work. They are light and easy to use, slipping right into a pocket or a purse with ease. Whether you purchase a disposable or a re-usable pen, all you need to do is inhale. 

We created our re-usable pen with privacy in mind. Each pen comes with a cap that covers the cartridge, allowing you to slip your pen into a makeup bag or backpack at your own discretion. 

CBD vapes are among the latest trending product for a reason; it allows a user to consume CBD in its purest form at its fastest. While we offer a line of products from edibles to skincare, our vape products become more popular with each day due to the ease of consumption, the stylish design, and the therapeutic benefits of the plant. 



CBD Vape Pen Kit with Unique Features


Our top of the line CBD-infused vape pen is an outstanding product designed to provide instant-relief. While user friendly and popular because of its features, our vape line is safe, reliable, and effective.

From our vape kits to our disposable pens to our beloved CBD cartridges, the WINK team is committed to creating the best possible experience for each customer. Our handy, all-in-one CBD vape kit includes everything you need, straight from the package. Make sure to check out our fun range of flavors to pair with your pen kit. 

Each re-usable pen comes with an enormous capacity for cartridges. Each are equipped with typical features that allow them to manage many sessions without refilling our charing. 

When you’re looking for an outstanding CBD vape pen, whether disposable or re-usable, shop WINK.