CBD Skincare Routine

Skincare products you should add to your beauty regimen 


What’s great about the increase in popularity of CBD is that it comes in many different forms for the consumer. We at WINK offer oils, gummies, and capsules created specifically by women, for women. The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD affect the body’s largest organ in several ways, including: 

Regulating oil production

Helping reduce inflammation

Hydrating dry skin

In this blog, we detail some of our favorite CBD products and what they do for you.


How CBD Helps Reduce Fine Lines and Wrinkles

It’s no secret that CBD has taken the skincare industry by storm.The stigma around CBD continues to evolve and change as it grows in popularity. Consumers are starting to see the topical benefits of this active botanical solution that makes a drastic difference, and we couldn’t be happier about it. The growing popularity of CBD has made people more familiar with CBD as a beauty agent, and at WINK, we like to educate and inform our customers so they can make the best decisions possible for their mental and physical well-being. So the next time you need CBD face products for women, shop WINK.  


The Secret to Beautiful Hair and CBD


The efficacy of CBD in promoting hair growth is through the roof; studies suggest its effectiveness in public benefits for the skin, scalp, and hair care. Hairstylists also point out CBD is rich in amino and fatty acids (particularly, omega 3, omega 6, and omega 9) that are extremely helpful in promoting hair growth and moisturizing the strands. CBD oil gives the hair a shine and luster that store-bought products often fail to deliver. Consider our CBD Hair Products at WINK to get that healthy hair glow.     

Ensuring that your skin glows with CBD: 


Worried about mini-bumps, rough patches, or acne caused by too much exposure to the sun? Our CBD body lotion for glowing skin makes your skin look smoother and brighter. CBD is a great way to combat things like aging, wrinkles, cracked skin, and so much more due to its holistic benefits on the skin.  

How to treat your anxiety with CBD

Vaping CBD is the fastest way to achieve the natural and therapeutic benefits of CBD, as it enters the bloodstream immediately. While vaping may seem scary, vaping CBD is healthy and safe as it does not damage the lungs. Our CBD hits smoothly as it’s an all-natural oil, with flavor that comes from plant-based terpenes, unlike popular e-cigarette oils that rely on artificial flavoring. Not only does our CBD oil minimize damage to the lungs, but it allows you to enjoy the effects of CBD faster than any other product. Our CBD vape cartridges for anxiety, depression, pain, and more come pre filled with CBD oil. They are available in several flavors, from Grapephoria to Bubblewish, to give you ample options of variety.