Wow. Yeah. Where did the year go? We swear we were just celebrating spring! We just roared through summer and have had a lovely time this fall.

So it’s that time of the year again, where we get excited for the holidays and the whole new year to come. 

It’s our favorite time to revisit our year’s intentions and goals, and realize what we’ve accomplished and maybe even changed. It’s also our favorite time of the year to remind our girls how much we love them. Because after all, only our leading ladies will text with us about nothing. All day. 

Only our girlfriends will listen to what we dreamed about last night. Only our Main Mamas can and will help us finish everything on our figurative life plates. They are the best. They are our best. So let’s give them the best. 

Because all our BFFs are different, we’ve put together a quick and easy guide.



She’s in and out and knows what she wants. She only calls meetings when they’re necessary and actually gets to them early. She’s organized, efficient and keeps a clean purse. Give her something equally efficient and easy to conceal. 

Whether she loves CBD or a hint of THC, W!NK Vapor is the rapid remedy of the collection, delivering medicinal doses of cannabis extracts in light flavors.



We all have that girl who sends us pictures of her feet in bubbles. There is usually also a glass of wine in the frame. Which is great. Let her luxuriate longer with W!NK CBD Salt + Sugar Scrubs. 

These all-natural blends of essential oils and ingredients include the soothing and healing power of CBD. Pomegranate and eucalyptus clears the mind when enjoying the salt scrub and the sugar scrub’s rosemary and mint get the creative juices flowing.



A W!NK woman favorite, the CBD tincture does it all. 300 milligrams of cannabidiol are infused with fractionated coconut oil for a smooth texture, light taste and multiple-use application. 

The W!NK CBD tincture can be taken alone, sublingually, infused into teas and acai bowls or applied topically, as a concentrated remedy for skin irritation.



Or anyone really. Our W!NK CBD Body Salve is pure magic. 150 milligrams of full-spectrum hemp oil is combined with organic, high-quality healing ingredients that provide relief to sore calves, quads, triceps and feet. 

The CBD balm also helps with bruising, inflammation and skin issues such as psoriasis and eczema. We use it for acne, as well as chapped lips. We use it when our feet are sore – not from physically running but from running meetings in heels. Like we said, this salve is magic. 



Just give her all of it with the W!NK Essentials Spa Kit. She damn deserves it. 

As you know, W!NK is a business built for women, by women. Our mission is to improve the lives of others through providing all-natural options for pain management, anxiety, skincare and quality of life. Just as we love sharing W!NK with you, we invite you to share us with your girls ;) 

Happy upcoming holidays + cheers to giving your best girls the best gifts! 

Have a question about our W!NK products or want to share tips of your own? Email us. We'll be happy to help!