As we all know, the stigma surrounding cannabis use is quickly changing.

What is also changing, and ever growing, is our knowledge of the medicinal properties the plant offers. CBD, or Cannabidiol, is one of the most prominent cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant, next to THC and a myriad of others. Known for its significant antioxidant and neuroprotective properties, the compound is growing in popularity as a stand-alone product, with uses spanning skin care to mental wellness. Its encyclopedia of medicinal value offers both genders benefits, but is surging in popularity amongst women. 

The reasons why and ways women are taking CBD is also growing. And that’s because CBD helping, enhancing and improving women’s health. 


We’ll start with the one everyone knows. CBD alleviates period pain. Yes, that’s true. But it’s not the whole story.

CBD can be used to manage period pain, nausea and moodiness, post-partum symptoms, menopause and endometrial cancer, just to name a few. It’s all related to our uterus. Did you know women have more CBD receptors than men? And that cannabinoid levels in women have a special relationship with our reproductive system. The uterus has the highest concentration of the cannabinoid anandamide, which is literally known as the Bliss Molecule. So when estrogen levels are low (before and during our periods) our happiness molecules are likewise lacking. And when they’re high, we’re flying. Have you ever heard or noticed that we feel our best when we’re ovulating? That’s partly because your uterus has 100 times more anandamide than your brain during this part of the menstrual cycle, meaning our bodies are filled to the brim with a molecule known to help achieve a state of heightened happiness. 

Women are treating low estrogen, low cannabinoid levels and the effects of such in a variety of ways. CBD tinctures are a popular option, as they are easy to dose and administer. The oil, typically dispersed in a fractionated coconut oil, is ingested orally and works with the body’s ECS signals to increase receptor function and flow. Further, CBD helps provide hormonal balancing effects for PMS symptoms. A CBD tincture can also be applied topically for pain and tension relief, making it a multi-use tool in your cabinet. 

CBD Body Salve is also high on the list of products women are using for PMS relief, among other issues and ailments. A balm is a great option for relief as the oil is pre-partnered with other soothing and healing plant and essential oils such as lavender, rosemary and eucalyptus. And of course, the benefits of balms don’t stop with cramp relief. Our CBD balm is recommended for those with chronic pain, sore muscles, arthritis, acne, minor cuts, inflammation and more. It’s power lies within the 150mg of multi-spectrum hemp oil and the synergistic oils it’s paired with. 


Yes, it’s beautiful, full of life and light, and we are all grateful for motherhood. But it’s also painful, exhausting and full of hormonal fluctuations we must endure as our post-pregnancy bodies rebuild themselves.

Some 15 percent of all postpartum women in the US suffer from postpartum depression, which is approximately 950,000 women per year. This number represents only self-reported symptoms, meaning it is LOW. Word is getting out that CBD could really help with postpartum life. 

It has been reported that THC may not necessarily be the best cannabinoid of choice for battling postpartum depression and anxiety, as it inhibits a neurotransmitter called GABA that calms the body from reaching its receptors. But, you know what’s coming: CBD acts in the opposite manner, helping the brain create more GABA and allowing it to more easily settle into its receptor. CBD also works with serotonin, a neurotransmitter associated with depression, to help rebuild and equalize levels. The compound is known for its anti-anxiety and antidepressant effects, which is likely why hemp-based CBD oil has become a champion in the ring against postpartum depression, anxiety and other symptoms. It has become a beacon of hope amongst women struggling after pregnancy. 

Vaporizer pens are an excellent, and extremely popular, way to enjoy the medicinal benefits of CBD. Vaporizing CBD is known as the fastest, most intense method of entry, meaning it helps quickly, and offers long-lasting results. 


Menopause includes the cessation of ovulation, menstruation and reproductive abilities. The severity of symptoms varies from woman to woman but typically include mood swings, anxiety, hot flashes, insomnia and discomfort during sex.

Similar to PMS, this is all linked to estrogen levels. We stop ovulating because our bodies are no longer producing the high levels of estrogen. This also triggers a reduction in endocannabinoid signaling, resulting in those mood swings we’ve been mentioning. Similar to PMS, CBD can help increase endocannabinoid receptivity, helping stave off mood swings, stress, anxiety and depression. 

Further, the alleviation of physical and mental symptoms of menopause can combat insomnia. Many women are turning to tinctures and vaporizers to ingest CBD during these times, as tinctures can be taken orally or added to calming teas, and vaporizers offer quick and easy access to the compound’s benefits.


Mentally, we’ve got a lot going on all the time. And we didn’t get the easiest deal in the game either. One in six women over the age of 65 develop Alzheimer’s (compared to 1 in 11 men). Women are also twice as likely to suffer anxiety, and anxiety-related issues.

And, we are two- to three-times more likely to develop multiple sclerosis. While the cause of MS is unknown, scientists believe several different factors are involved, including immune-related issues. CBD can keep the immune system functioning and control inflammation in the Central Nervous System. These two actions help keep our whole bodies working in a state of homeostasis. 

There are several studies that report cannabis as an effective treatment for spasticity and improved cognitive function. Cannabis, and its cannabinoid CBD, acts as a neuroprotectant. Yes, this is a buzzword you hear a lot of, but, it’s an important one; so let us explain. Neuroprotection refers to the preservation of the structure and function of neurons and brain tissue. Many diseases involve the breakdown of neurons in specific regions of the brain, or degredation of the chemicals these neurons use to signal one another. CBD not only reduces damage to the brain and nervous system, but encourages the growth and development of new neurons. 

Evidence is showing that CBD is beneficial in helping prevent and limit the progression of neurological disorders such as MS, Parkinson’s disease, amotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and epilepsy.


There are a lot of women’s testimonials out there reporting that regular use of CBD oil results in a general sense of happiness.There is no finger on the specific, but they all acknowledge a gradual increase in energy and feeling of wellbeing.

The changes are subtle and come over time - but over time, they are life changing.From anxiety to depression, pain management and inflammation-related skin disorders, CBD is helping manage more women-centric issues than we can list in this one post. 

Women are enjoying the benefits of CBD-infused beauty and spa products, tinctures, mixtures and edibles for a variety of reasons, and in a variety of ways. Its role within the endocannabinoid system, and relationship with female hormones, is undeniable. 

There are a number of ways + uses for CBD benefits and are dedicated to empowering women in their cannabis wellness journey. We welcome all women to contact us with any questions they may have.